Keipene is called the historical cinema capital of Latvia.In 1937, the Keipene railway station was opened here, the route passed from Riga to Ergli.In 2009, the rails were dismantled, but a small piece of railway was left at the station.

Now an exhibition dedicated to film director Sergei Eisenstein has been created here.There is a ground-based lighthouse with aviation fire, a five-meter table and chairs and 66 mailboxes. The table and chairs can be used as an observation deck and in the station building you can see an exhibition dedicated to Eisenstein.

There is a tunnel of 24 frames across the road dedicated to the first film. An object of ecological installation has been built underground – the Potemkin Well, 8 meters long and 4 meters wide, which is designed as an underground exhibition hall, with an emphasis on the battleship Potemkin.

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