Damn Lake

Damn Lake

The lake is located in the middle of a forest in which a lot of blueberries grow. It is believed that this is one of the cleanest lakes in all of Latvia. The depth of the lake reaches 17 meters, the water here is so clean that visibility is about 12 meters deep.

The perfect silence on the lake shore is amazing, birds do not sing here, streams do not flow into the lake and do not flow out. There are no water lilies growing in the lake itself and there are no fish in particular.

It is rumored that the lake smells of chlorine and easily changes its color from blue to green, and sometimes, according to locals, even black. That’s why the locals call the lake – the Devil’s Eye.

The lake is surrounded by many mystical stories, even tourists who risked staying here for the night with tents run without waiting for dawn.



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