Bumbu Hill

Bumbu Hill

Mount Bumbu is a historical and memorable place. It was here that the battles for the independence of the Republic of Latvia took place from 1918 to -1920. At the beginning of November of the 39th year, a monument was erected here on which the scheme of military operations in November 1919 was displayed.

But Mount bumbu is not only a memorable place , there is an observation tower here. A maximum of 5 people can be on the tower at the same time , in case of wind, the tower sways in the wind.

According to our calculations, there are more than 160 steps leading up. It is worth overcoming all the steps for the sake of the view that opens from above, a full panorama of the city – you can see the cable-stayed bridge and the national library. You can get to the tower by public transport (bus 36 and 56, bus stop Bumbu Kalns) or by car, right by the path leading to the dune there is not a large parking lot.

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