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Nanfangao, a lively coastal town highlighted on the map below, is renowned for its dynamic Nanfangao Fishing Port, scenic landscapes, and cultural richness, notably the Nantian Temple dedicated to Mazu, the sea goddess.

This HD live webcam stream provides a panoramic view of Nanfangao Nantian Temple, the First Fishing Port, and the harbor in Su’ao Township, Yilan County, Taiwan.

The Nanfang’ao Fishing Port stands as an emblem of Taiwan’s fishing industry, a bustling center where local fishermen bring in their daily catches, showcasing the vibrant rhythm of a fishing community. This port holds historical significance as the first in Taiwan to adopt the “out-to-sea” fishing method, contributing to the town’s development and the growth of the country’s fishing sector.

Dedicated to Mazu, the protector of fishermen and sailors in Taiwanese culture, Nantian Temple serves as a spiritual hub for both locals and visitors. The temple, adorned with intricate decorations, becomes a place of reverence where worshippers seek blessings, especially for safe voyages and bountiful catches. The Mazu culture deeply ingrained in Nanfang’ao offers a captivating amalgamation of tradition, spirituality, and maritime heritage.

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