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On the famous island of Lanzarote is located — one of the largest and most popular resorts. It gained popularity in the tourism industry relatively recently , until 19860 it was an ordinary fishing village of La Tignosa . For 61 years, the city has been incredibly transformed , more than a million tourists visit it every year.

The history of the resort

The resort is famous for its gentle sandy beaches, their length is 6 km. One of the beaches is even marked with a blue flag. Unlike other Canary Islands, where life freezes at nightfall , there are night clubs, bars and even casinos built here. But the most interesting thing is that the resort managed to preserve its flavor and look of the old harbor. In Puerto del Carmen, there are no high-rises and the original national houses are completely preserved.

All the old fishing houses are not empty , they are successfully located in cafes, bars , restaurants and popular shops.

National festivals are held here — for example, many tourists come here at the end of July . It is at this time that the Fiesta del Carmen festival takes place here. Saint Carmen the patron saint of fishermen and the city, the statue of the patroness is carried around the city and then sent to the sea on a specially prepared boat. Everyone goes to the harbor to meet the shrine that has returned from the sea. In order for the sea to be favorable to people , bring many gifts and a generous catch, festively decorated fishing boats sail from the harbor , people on board have fun and enjoy treats .

The resort does not have any attractions as such , mainly modern entertainment centers are built here . The island has a nature reserve that is home to tigers, crocodiles, raccoons, dolphins and other animals. Every day, for the entertainment of tourists, there is a show with the participation of the inhabitants of the reserve. The reserve itself looks original as it is made in the style of a Texas ranch.

A few facts about the Canary Islands

  • The Canary Islands have two capitals.
  • The Canary Islands translates as ” Land of Dogs»
  • Mount Teide is located in the Canary Islands and is the third largest volcano in the World.

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