Trails for skiing and snowboarding in Latvia.

Trails for skiing and snowboarding in Latvia.

Latvia cannot boast of mountains, but however we have a lot of trails for skiing. The terrain of Latvia is more suitable for cross-country skiing, but snowboarding enthusiasts should not be discouraged – there are also many opportunities for them.
Almost all major routes are equipped with lifts and equipment rental is available at all.

Consider the most popular places :


Perhaps the most popular place is located in the city of Baldone. Riekstukalns has more than 12 trails for skiing, snowboarding and sledding. There are also 2 cafes here so that after skiing you can warm up, there is no overnight accommodation on the territory. There are webcams on the website and you can see how many people are there at the moment.


The ski resort is not inferior in popularity. There are 11 trails of different lengths (up to 320 meters) and varying difficulty from beginners to self-confident masters. A snowboard park with wide and comfortable trampolines has been created for snowboarders, as well as 5 trails on the main slope with various obstacles.Well, if you are for a quieter rest, then there is a sanchona track on which you can ride both on inflatable cameras and on a sled. You can also view webcams on the site.


An equally popular place is located in the city of Cesis. There are 10 trails at guests’ disposal, but unlike Riekstukalnsa, the trails are longer, the longest track is 240 meters. There is a separate snowboard park and a school track with a less steep descent. There is even a ski school here. The site also has webcams.


There is a ski resort in the town of Cesis , there are only 5 trails, the longest is 500 meters with height differences of 80 meters.As almost everywhere there is a separate track for children.The advantage of this place is that you can rent an overnight stay here and visit the sauna to warm up from winter entertainment. The website has detailed information about accommodation and rest options.


The highest point in Latvia. The altitude is 311.5 meters above sea level. There are 3 downhill ski trails, as well as cross-country ski and sledge trails. There are no webcams on the site, but contacts for time reservation are indicated.

Siguldas pilsetas trase.

A small ski center in Sigulda, has only 2 trails (350 and 200 meters).There is a park for children and beginners.Tickets can be purchased on the website.

Reina Trase.

In the same city of Sigulda there is another center for active winter recreation. There are 2 tracks located here – the main one and for beginners. There is also a snowboard park and a children’s park.On the website you can view webcams.


A small base for active recreation.Located near the city of Talsi.There are 2 tracks with a length of 260 and 350 meters, as well as a children’s track with a length of 80 meters.The site has a detailed map of the recreation center.

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